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The patented Co-Pilot® tripod adapter is a drone accessory every serious pilot should have. It was principally designed to alleviate flight fatigue on the neck, wrist and hands by allowing pilots to readily attach their remote control to a tripod. Co-Pilot® ensures your remote controller is safe and secure at all times. Co-Pilot® allows you to avoid the strain and discomfort that comes with using a neck lanyard.

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Physical Health & Safety

The Co-Pilot® tripod adapter allows pilots to increase flight precision by eliminating the neck and back fatigue that comes from holding your remote controller during flights.

Flight Precision

With the Co-Pilot® tripod adapter, pilots can easily eliminate hand and finger fatigue and have full unencumbered use of their hands to focus on improved flight precision.


With the Co-Pilot® tripod adapter, pilots can multitask with ease while maintaining VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight), which results in significant drone battery life savings and less time on the field.


The Co-Pilot® tripod adapter allows pilots to readily secure their controllers and avoid damaging expensive equipment.

“At first, I was surprised by how big an impact using the Co-Pilot® had on my ability to fly.”
Patrick Sherman, RotorDrone Magazine

The Number One Solution for Drone Controller Fatigue

The patented Co-Pilot® tripod adapter works with DJI Phantom™ 3 and 4 series, DJI Inspire™ 1 and 2 series, and is incompatible with GL300E controllers.

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Gary Clayman is the Founder & Chief Pilot of Satori Aerial LLC. In 2002, Clayman sustained life-altering injuries (spinal cord, shoulders, wrists, hands, knees and ankles) from a bicycle accident—and as a result, he experiences physical fatigue while piloting his DJI™ drones. With the passage of time, the physical fatigue became more pronounced where Clayman needed to remedy the appearance of flight risk. Believing a neck lanyard was a viable option, the lanyard only exacerbated his neuro-physical fatigue. Clayman was not about to be grounded from the incurable physical fatigue, and he was motivated to find a solution.

Working off a cocktail napkin sketch, Clayman began working on prototypes from his home office in late-2015. Twenty-two months and countless iterations later, what is now known as Co-Pilot™ conducted its maiden flight. Co-Pilot™ was initially developed as remedy for Clayman’s incurable physical fatigue, as with enhancing on-site productivity. Sensing other remote pilots (may) have disabilities or experience other limitations that interfere with safe and enjoyable flight, Clayman assembled a seasoned team of business professionals and drone enthusiasts to bring Co-Pilot™ to market.

Since its inception, Clayman has led the expansion of the Satori Aerial / Co-Pilot™ brand for enterprise and consumer drone pilots, while continuing to discover the planet with his family and friends. Clayman is a graduate of the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, and he also holds FAA Remote Pilot Certification.

Gary ClaymanFounder & Chief Pilot of Satori Aerial LLC

Kirk Costanzo, RN is the Director of Product Safety and Assessment. Kirk brings over 30 years clinical experience, specifically, medical-surgical, cardiac, and orthopedic rehabilitation to Satori Aerial. Knowledgeable in orthopedic disorders and injuries, which are caused by cumulative trauma disorders, repetitive stress injuries and overuse syndromes, Kirk is expert in identifying risk factors, devising treatment & prevention modalities, and research.

Armed with this knowledge, Kirk worked in concert with Mr. Clayman, and a series of focus groups that comprised of disabled remote pilots. While studying these disabled remote pilots, all whom were holding their remote controllers in the course of flight, complaints of physical fatigue and stress (throughout musculoskeletal regions of the neck, shoulders, and back) were observed, reported and analyzed.

Co-Pilot’s™ design was directly influenced by the physical findings attributed with the various focus groups. With Co-Pilot™, 87.3% of the focus group reported a substantial reduction of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort, whereas 12.7% of the focus group reported a cessation of musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. Mr. Costanzo began his medical career in the United States Air Force. Kirk is a graduate of Grand Canyon University, where he earned a BSN. Kirk is also currently studying for the FAA Remote Pilot Certification.

Kirk Costanzo, RNDirector of Product Safety & Assessment

Mr. Sijen and his family immigrated to the United States in 1981. Armed with his Dutch education and his engineering management expertise, Mr. Sijen immediately began designing complex industrial furnaces and kilns. In the course of a 36-year career, SpaceX, Halliburton, Boeing, Hughes Aircraft, Mooney Aircraft, Smith International and numerous other Fortune 500s have relied on Mr. Sijen’s design and engineering.

One afternoon, Mr. Clayman presented his “vision” on his famous cocktail napkin… and the rest, as they say, is history. Upon hearing Clayman’s story, as with observing Clayman’s physical disabilities, Mr. Sijen was compelled to help. The first-generation remote controller tripod adapter was developed and was met with immediate fanfare. Clayman then came back and tasked Mr. Sijen with refining the device for mass market. In the course of design, Clayman, Costanzo and Mr. Sijen collaborated with over one-hundred remote pilots. These test subjects were thoroughly analyzed, the data interpreted, with feedback being successfully integrated in Co-Pilot’s™ final design.

Co-Pilot™ represents an evolution of design. Its intricate design seamlessly integrates with select DJI™ remote controllers and redefines how remote pilots communicate with their drone. Our core objective was simply: empower flight! And, with that in mind, we can proudly say mission accomplished.

Mr. SijenThe Design Wizard

As Director of Product Management, Keith brings over 30 years of experience developing and launching products for Microsoft, Paul Allen’s Vulcan, Inc., AT&T Wireless, and a variety of other technology companies in the Pacific Northwest. Keith’s experience includes co-founding a software start-up as well as 15 years working for Microsoft.

Keith has an extensive background working on a wide variety of hardware and software products. These include Microsoft Office, Windows Embedded devices, an Ultra Mobile PC for Vulcan, interactive white-board technology for SMART Technologies, a Metrocell 3G wireless device for AT&T, and automotive infotainment software, to name a few. Keith has also been an advisor for start-ups in Virtual Reality, Photonics, and Combat Medicine. Keith enjoys the process of building creative solutions from start-to-finish.

Keith began his career in Orange County, CA and made his way to the Bay Area to work for Memorex. He and his family moved to the Seattle area when Microsoft acquired his start-up and they’ve enjoyed the beauty of the Northwest ever since.

Keith AmodtDirector of Product Management & Business Development

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